Saturday, June 5, 2010

Featured Artist May 29th-June 5th: Kazumi

I'm loving the varieties this blog rings presents and the artist for this past week was Kazumi of K&K Chalk Art Designs and K&K Crafts and Designs, who masters several art forms that make me realize just how much art is everywhere! Kazumi hails to us from Yokohama, Japan so reading her blog can be an adventure of its own, much of it is in her native language of Japanese, but if you are like me you'll love the challenge of exploring it. I mentioned that her artwork makes me realize how art is everywhere, lets start with her beautiful chalk signs, she designs them for sidewalk cafes as well as beautiful wedding themed ones to welcome attendees to your reception... they can be seen on her home page (in English and Japanese), at her shops on Etsy and Zazzle as well as a facebook fan page.

On to her other passion... Sock Monkeys! Who hasn't become enthralled with sock monkeys in recent times? Many of us had them as children, or our parents and grandparents did. They are making quite the come back (as are other animals too... I own a sock-to-pus) and Kazumi makes some fantastic ones in several styles such as Amigurumi and coin purses, she's even found fabric featuring them. These and other sewn tiems can be found in their own home page, her etsy and zazzle shops, facebook page and even a blog dedicated to her first sock monkey, called Socky's World.

To stay up to date on her current activities you can also follow her on Twitter... which might be the easiest way seeing as how she is such a busy bee!


Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Yeah monkeys!

TamsJewelry said...

I really love her work!

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