Friday, April 23, 2010

Featured Artist April 18-25: Paradise Purls

Let me start by saying I know there are issues with commenting on my blog... I am researching into it. However since I'm tearing down my computer this evening for our move and will not have internet until Monday, when the cable guy comes to hook us up, I felt getting the feature for this week done was paramount. On to better things....

Allow me to introduce Elizabeth Humphries of North Carolina, she run a wonderful business aptly named "Paradise Purls", for those not familiar with knitting the spelling is a play on word from knitting terms. As an extremely tactile person knitting is well suited to her and she admits to loving to spend time browsing yarn shops feeling all the wonderful textures and fibers. Elizabeth is primarily self taught, having picked up a "how to" booklet and then seeking help from friends and her MIL. Knitting is not her only forte though, she also does some beautiful bead work, is a mom, runs multiple online shops (etsy, zibbet, HAShop), tweets, a blog and facebook fan page in addition to being a wonderful member of our Handmade Artists Forum.

I've chosen a few pieces that really are unique to her, the first is a spring scarf (in progress) made of ribbon yarn that looks so delightful with gorgeous tones of the ocean. Second is one of her beautfil knitted bracelets, each features so many variations in color, I'm sure no two end up exactly alike. Lastly is one of her very fun hats in a color called Tuti-Fruti modeled on her very adorable daughter. How can you not love that impish grin? Go and give Elizabeth some love and all her other beautiful creations, each of her main sites is linked above.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Featured Artist April 11-18: Dreams and Echoes

"Whatever dreams you have or whatever echoes call to you from the past, present, or future, I believe you’ll find something here that resonates for you. " This quote is from the home page of

the Dreams and Echoes etsy shop. Linda aka Raedawn started her journey with jewelry thanks to her daughter. She is influenced by her life in Maryland and also gains flavor from time spent in Ontario, Oregon and New Mexico. Working both symmetrically and asymmetrically she creates pieces predominantly from bone, semi-prescious stones, glass and lampwork, although if something else speaks to her then it can be found in her work as well. Please take some time and visit her blog or her shop and see what pieces she has that may speak to you.

At this point I must apologize for having been delayed in getting her feature posted, the house hunt made my desire to do adequate research nonexsistant. I'm proud to share some of my favorite pieces with you.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Featured Artist April 4-11: DreamRiver Designs

Wow a crazy week has delayed me getting this feature done, my apologies first to Debbie for not being more timely and also to my dedicated readers for the delay. Enough about me...

I'd like to introduce to you Debbie of DreamRiver Designs. Aptly named in conjunction with her long awaited farm in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Debbie is a master chainmailler, an active member of Handmade Artist's Forum, Mailler's Worldwide and American Craft Guide Community. You can find many of her wares for sale at the Handmade Artists Shop and a few in her etsy shop. She also keeps up on Facebook with her fan page and maintains two great blogs, one highlighting her business, DreamRiver Designs and the other her farm, DreamRiver Farm (be sure to read about her crazy geese!). Her business blog features a wonderful picasso widget that displays a shifting gallery of her works, I spent a very long time sifting through the 400+ photos to bring you a few that I felt were a strong representation of her various talents. I'm also super pleased to find another "bug beader" how fun!!! Please visit her and enjoy all her works.