Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm here, I'm there... oh look something new! LOL
That truely describes how I feel this week has gone. I'm so determined to do everything and while I've been productive most of it has been sporatic things. Accomplishments: two etsy postings! My spiders are now named and posted as Twilight's Embrace and Green Kissed Sandstone. A new spider made his debut, Absinthe Arachnid was comissioned and is patiently reading away the time until he meets up with his new owner. You can see him pictured below. A wedding piece was comissioned and has been completed, it too is pictured below. The happy couple are tying the knot on Valentine's Day and the bride asked if I could make two necklaces similar to a gift that was given recently. Of course I said "yes" and the resulting necklace will look beautiful on her, now to see if it's what she had in mind. The second necklace isn't made yet but will be very similar in design, although since I think it's for the maid of honor it will be simpler and I of course will post pictures of it too.

What else have I been doing? I've been reading up on facebook, etsy and some blog posts. I was introduced to Google Analytics and how to activate it on my etsy page, then this morning got it active on my blog too! Awesome now I can track where all you wonderful people are coming from and how to attract more like you. Oh and I listed my blog on Technorati too. Many of these ideas came about from ready the Etsy Blog: The Storque this link may only take you to a recent article as I cannot find a direct link to the blog right now, but this article contibuted to my recent adventures in cyberspace. Several more creative projects are in the works, please stay posted as I get them developed and presented to you all.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Frozen Moments" - HAF Etsy Team Challenge

Visit the HAF etsy team challenge and you'll be able to view fantastic artists' entries like The Grand Design and Rachel Elliot Glassworks plus leave a comment after voting and be entered in a drawing for a chance to win an exclusive bead courtesy of Rachel Elliot Glassworks. I've already voted and commented myself. Feel free to take the time to visit all the artists on etsy via the contest display page and heart them there... I did! Best of luck to all the entrants and I'll update when the winner is announced.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Naming of the Spiders

Are you a fan of my facebook page? If not you should be, that's where all my latest info gets posted first. A couple days ago my newest spiders made their web debut - haha pardon the pun. I'm dying to get them up on etsy but have been unable to come up with good names for them. Every nice little spider needs a name, especially when they are as unique as mine are. Previous spiders earned the titles, Sinister Spinster, Chartreuse Recluse, Amathyst Arachnid and the less then original Spiderman Spidey and Bumblebee Spider. Have a gander and see if any ideas strike you... post them or message me with them!

So many ideas, not enough dreams...

I'm back at that place where the mind has so many ideas and thoughts that one cannot get back to sleep after even the most minor interruption.  I was sleeping peacefully, even heavily, when my son woke up and couldn't find that favorite toy. Moved my daughter back to her bed, we found the beloved toy, retireved his milk from the fridge and snuggled down to head back to sleep. Suddenly my mind is racing, concepts for jewelry springing to life in my head, thoughts about pink ribbons (breast cancer awareness) and the recent race for votes of the Chase Community of Giving, people I've met this past week online who have been kind enough to check out my little shop/fanpage/blog, the need to name my spiders and get them posted on etsy (name your spiders you say? why yes, in fact I need suggestions... more on a seperate post for them). Now here I sit in front of a glowing screen typing out ideas in hopes that my dreams will start speaking louder, it is afterall only recently past 4am and I'd prefer some more sleep before tackling another day of chasing young children hither and tither. What else is planned fo rthe day? Well did I mention that it's Relevancy Thursday on etsy? What's that you ask, they are tweaking their search system to help improve the quality of your searches to give results closer to how Google does, hopefully providing more accurate results and helping you find the items you seek faster. Head on over to and check out all the details.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Speranza - Featured Etsy Seller

Speranza is the first shop I've had the pleasure of reviewing and posting about since joining the HAF blog ring. I must say that I feel connected to her on so many levels after reading much of her blog. The jewelry she designs is filled with wonderful tones that feature many blues and browns; while her avatar of a seagull carrying a necklace causes me to think of a bird scouring the shore for hidden treasures to string up and wear.  What really made me feel connected to her was her January 1st posting entitled "A hobby or a business?" so many of the issues she addressed I am feeling myself. I truely look forward to following her throughout the coming year and seeing not only her newest creations but hearing how she tackles the challenges facing handmade artisans. Please visit her shop and say hello, do so by January 31st and see the requirements for entering a contest to receive a pair of custom Citrine and Gold Vermeil Earrings.

So much and so little time...

So here it is Sunday already!!! Oh my word, where has the week gone? Well I know 4 hours were spent creating my newest piece, Selki's Wave, and another several hours were spent having a wonderful time at the "Crafternoon" hosted by The Peacock Shop. I was able to begin a necklace of dyed pearls strung on knotted silk cord... it's quite lovely and I don't think I'll be selling it, however, I'll post pictures upon it's completion. I also taught my dear friend, Becca, to make byzantine chainmaille and she completed her project :) which she did not anticipate. My mom and several other friends were present, all in all it was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. But I have not gotten things done that were required of me...

First and foremost of my neglected duties is to Handmade Artists Forum Blog Ring and my sincerest apologies go to both HAF and Speranza Jewelry. See my next posting for the complete review and presentation of Speranza in their finiest.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pearl & Crystal earrings on Etsy

I was warned about branching out too much, however, I think as time goes by and folks begin to see how much my pieces flow from one to another the lines between my chainmaille and other pieces wont be so harsh. I don't want to present 100 variations of the same items that can be found in other shops, I also want to be able to craft whatever flows from the imagination so therefore I'm sure that's bound to cause some inconsistency with my etsy items. Bare in mind these are mearly the first 10 items and many more are to come. I hope you will be back to visit and watch the evolution of Dream Bubbles.

New earrings here

Monday, January 11, 2010

Handmade Artists Forum here I come....

HAF better watch out because I am now an active member and have requested to be a part of their blog ring, my first feature artist will be debuting next week as I'll be assigned to a "ring" this week, so check back for that article. I've also spent my time getting my fan page up and running on FB you can find that at and building an account specifically for my jewelry/crafting on Twitter too - (note there's an underscore between dream & bubbles on the twitter name)

Tomorrow should dawn with new items posted online :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Creativity stalled by cold weather and cleaning...

For the first time in months I have a completely clean and organized workspace :) Which is fantastic, however now that I am able to sit down and "begin" to create I find myself suddenly at an impass... sub-zero temperatures outside only complete my frustration as my hands become increasingly colder and stiff (my poor little desk heater died last night).  Everything was perfect today, the kids were behaving and complacent to mommy working on beads and my brain seemed to overflow with concepts until I tried to tap into them, bringing them to life...

Perhaps some ideas might be passed around as to how one pushes through those blockades created by too keen a solitary focus?

On the upside, I still have a clean workspace and I was able to get earwires made for two pairs of earrings that I plan to post on etsy within a day.