Sunday, April 18, 2010

Featured Artist April 11-18: Dreams and Echoes

"Whatever dreams you have or whatever echoes call to you from the past, present, or future, I believe you’ll find something here that resonates for you. " This quote is from the home page of

the Dreams and Echoes etsy shop. Linda aka Raedawn started her journey with jewelry thanks to her daughter. She is influenced by her life in Maryland and also gains flavor from time spent in Ontario, Oregon and New Mexico. Working both symmetrically and asymmetrically she creates pieces predominantly from bone, semi-prescious stones, glass and lampwork, although if something else speaks to her then it can be found in her work as well. Please take some time and visit her blog or her shop and see what pieces she has that may speak to you.

At this point I must apologize for having been delayed in getting her feature posted, the house hunt made my desire to do adequate research nonexsistant. I'm proud to share some of my favorite pieces with you.


MakinTheBestOfIt said...

Lovely picks from a wonderful artist!