Thursday, January 21, 2010

So many ideas, not enough dreams...

I'm back at that place where the mind has so many ideas and thoughts that one cannot get back to sleep after even the most minor interruption.  I was sleeping peacefully, even heavily, when my son woke up and couldn't find that favorite toy. Moved my daughter back to her bed, we found the beloved toy, retireved his milk from the fridge and snuggled down to head back to sleep. Suddenly my mind is racing, concepts for jewelry springing to life in my head, thoughts about pink ribbons (breast cancer awareness) and the recent race for votes of the Chase Community of Giving, people I've met this past week online who have been kind enough to check out my little shop/fanpage/blog, the need to name my spiders and get them posted on etsy (name your spiders you say? why yes, in fact I need suggestions... more on a seperate post for them). Now here I sit in front of a glowing screen typing out ideas in hopes that my dreams will start speaking louder, it is afterall only recently past 4am and I'd prefer some more sleep before tackling another day of chasing young children hither and tither. What else is planned fo rthe day? Well did I mention that it's Relevancy Thursday on etsy? What's that you ask, they are tweaking their search system to help improve the quality of your searches to give results closer to how Google does, hopefully providing more accurate results and helping you find the items you seek faster. Head on over to and check out all the details.