Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm here, I'm there... oh look something new! LOL
That truely describes how I feel this week has gone. I'm so determined to do everything and while I've been productive most of it has been sporatic things. Accomplishments: two etsy postings! My spiders are now named and posted as Twilight's Embrace and Green Kissed Sandstone. A new spider made his debut, Absinthe Arachnid was comissioned and is patiently reading away the time until he meets up with his new owner. You can see him pictured below. A wedding piece was comissioned and has been completed, it too is pictured below. The happy couple are tying the knot on Valentine's Day and the bride asked if I could make two necklaces similar to a gift that was given recently. Of course I said "yes" and the resulting necklace will look beautiful on her, now to see if it's what she had in mind. The second necklace isn't made yet but will be very similar in design, although since I think it's for the maid of honor it will be simpler and I of course will post pictures of it too.

What else have I been doing? I've been reading up on facebook, etsy and some blog posts. I was introduced to Google Analytics and how to activate it on my etsy page, then this morning got it active on my blog too! Awesome now I can track where all you wonderful people are coming from and how to attract more like you. Oh and I listed my blog on Technorati too. Many of these ideas came about from ready the Etsy Blog: The Storque this link may only take you to a recent article as I cannot find a direct link to the blog right now, but this article contibuted to my recent adventures in cyberspace. Several more creative projects are in the works, please stay posted as I get them developed and presented to you all.


arty said...

Hi Kristin. Thanks for following my blog.

Your spiders look very real and have the same effect when looking at them. But at least yours are harmless :)

Have a super Sunday.