Thursday, January 21, 2010

Naming of the Spiders

Are you a fan of my facebook page? If not you should be, that's where all my latest info gets posted first. A couple days ago my newest spiders made their web debut - haha pardon the pun. I'm dying to get them up on etsy but have been unable to come up with good names for them. Every nice little spider needs a name, especially when they are as unique as mine are. Previous spiders earned the titles, Sinister Spinster, Chartreuse Recluse, Amathyst Arachnid and the less then original Spiderman Spidey and Bumblebee Spider. Have a gander and see if any ideas strike you... post them or message me with them!


DreamBubbles said...

Names have been found these two beauties are now Green Kissed Sandstone and Twilight's Embrace (respectively)

mooaany said...

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