Thursday, May 13, 2010

Like a bolt of lightening from the heavens...

Inspiration has struck this week and hard! I have been viewing the works of some extremely talented chainmaille artists and gotten the bug to learn new weaves. I've been creating chainmaille for a few years now and haven't learned a single weave since shortly after I started. Mind you I've played with some and tried to learn but I'm guessing without a mentor or the experience behind me I just wasn't catching on. I'd like to thank Andrew & Kimbery of Chainmaille MBOI, all the minds at Seodoir, Erin of E-Maille, Penny of Jewelry by Saniki Creations, Mel of Dragonix Creations and of course all the folks who contribute to M.A.I.L. All of these artisians have inspired me in the last few months, several have provided that driving force to challenge myself and become better, many have spurred a hint of jealousy as well but in a good way. I admire their work and get jealous that they know patterns I do not or that they take time to create when I have not. All in all it's a journey of growth and betterment, anytime I get to learn new things, be it involving bead weaving, chainmaille or of course mathematics, it fuels that complete desire to learn everything I can, to dive head first into all my projects, no holds barred and let my creations take me anywhere. Thank you all for your inpiration, patience and wisdom. Best wishes, Kris

Grr... I posted this intially without any pictures... that will not do! LOL It was so plain and boring so here's a pic from each artist that has truely inspired me on one level or another.  I've also decided to add a bit of a contest... Leave a comment with names associated to each picture naming the artist. I will do a drawing of the correct answers and send the winner a creation from this learning surge.


Kim said...

Hey Kris! It's so nice to hear you're feeling inspired to learn new weaves & thanks to you I'm starting to learn a bit about chainmaille myself! I've always found maille so beautiful & ever since I took metal shop in junior high school, I've loved working w/ metal in any way. I'm stumped on that beautiful star, but I think I found the artists for the rest of these gorgeous pieces & I have to try!

1. Foolishness in Green - Dragonix Creations
2. Star Pendant - maybe Penny of Saniki since you mentioned her? :D
3. Bible Armour - Chainmaille by MBOI
4. Ol' Blue Eye - Erin of E-Maille
5. Sky Dragon Bracelet - Siouxsiequeue's/Seodoir

They're all stunning, but wow do I love that bible armour! Have a good day, hon!

DreamBubbles said...

Kim- you are going to love!!!! chainmaille, it wonderful how even though we all use the same links and colors each of us creates something different... add in your PMC work or a vial of bones and viola there's a whole new artform unique to you.

So far you are the only contestant in my mini contest... we'll wait a while adn see if anyone else is daring enough to put a guess in.

Handmade Artists' Forum said...

Thanks for featuring my Bible Cover!

DreamBubbles said...

You are very welcome HAF without you I wouldn't be here nor would I have been intorduced to some of the other artists. Thanks for reading!

Kim said...

Hey there! Now I'm envisioning this chunky flying fox pendant I just made on a background of chainmaille & loving it! :) If I ever get my lame self back to FB, I'll announce your contest at my page too so maybe some different people will see... though I'd kind of like to be greedy! :D Hope you enjoy your Sunday!